Orthodontics At KidSmiles Pediatric Dentistry Of Whittier


If you have a child that is approaching the age of seven or eight, now is a good time to learn about the possibilities that lie in the field of interceptive orthodontics. Interceptive orthodontics, which basically means early orthodontics, is starting orthodontic work at a younger age that may be typically expected. At around this age, permanent molars begin to come in, and therefore our Whittier pediatric orthodontist at KidSmiles Pediatric Dentistry Of Whittier can evaluate how the rest of your child’s teeth are developing and how they will continue to develop. At this age, we are also able to determine if your child may have the beginnings a bite problem or teeth crowding.

Interceptive orthodontics are an excellent way to stop more serious orthodontic problems from occurring in the future by changing the way your child’s teeth are growing if necessary in a number of ways. Interceptive orthodontics can create more room for teeth to grow, make more space for teeth that have not grown in yet, and manipulate how the jaw is growing, all in order to prevent more orthodontic work (and money spent) in the future. While interceptive orthodontics is an incredibly useful preventative measure provided by one of our Whittier pediatric orthodontists it does not necessarily guarantee that braces or retainers will not be at all necessary in the future, but it does reduce the amount of work necessary to a large extent.

If you have any questions or concerns about the interceptive orthodontics that our pediatric orthodontists provide at KidSmiles Pediatric Dentistry Of Whittier, we would love to hear from you so that we can address them. You can ask us a question or make a comment either by calling our office, or by clicking the Contact button on the KidSmiles Pediatric Dentistry website. If you are ready to schedule a consultation or appointment for your child regarding interceptive orthodontics or any other pediatric dental service, you may do so by calling our office and working out a time with one of our friendly staff members. We hope to get in touch with you shortly so that you and your child can see the options that interceptive orthodontics has for you!

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