Patient Testimonials

I am happy that I chose kid smiles pediatric dentistry as my daughter’s primary dentist. The dentist and staff are very nice and professional. Since my daughter is only 13 months old, the dentist did a checkup and applied fluoride for her. She wasn’t scared or panic, due to the dentist and staff were being very patient to her. The dentist was informative, she told me to limit the use of baby bottles and pacifier, and also be prepared for the next set of teeth to come out. My daughter got toothbrush, floss, and stickers as prize, and and balloon for her good behavior. Thanks to the staff and doctor.

~ Yvonne X. of Los Angeles, CA

My family of 4 rapidly grew to 5 when we became Foster Parents to our 3 year old great niece last week. With all the adaptations we were encountering, the last thing we wanted to hear was our newest family member experiencing pain when she ate, or when we brushed her teeth. We were referred to Dr. Ramirez because of her caring, nurturing, calming, and friendly way of practicing dentistry. I was very uneasy of taking my niece to any Pediatric Dentist considering her impacting ordeal. I phoned the office and explained my situation and gave the receptionist all our information. The receptionist verified my niece’s Medi-cal over the phone to ensure we were allowed to be seen there. To our luck we were. Upon explaining the pain my niece was experiencing the receptionist scheduled an appointment for us the next day. On the day of our appointment we walked in to find a very pleasant kid friendly dental office. Safari decor, video games, and kid friendly television definitely eased our visit. Once we were called back for our exam it was very soothing to see the same kid friendly decor continue throughout the office. All the animal props were a huge hit with my niece. She felt even more comfortable when the assistants connected with her on her level. The assistants were extremely friendly, comforting, and soothing. All the assistants that came in contact with my niece made a connection with her. They all have been trained to converse with my niece. The assistants were very comfortable in humoring my 3 year-old wants, needs, and silly facial expressions. I was IMPRESSED!! When we were greeted by Dr. Ramirez she was incredibly warm, kind, and soothing with my niece. She immediately connected with her. Dr. Ramirez is great at communicating, bonding and maintaining your child’s visit as non evasive and comfortable as possible. My niece needed a little dental treatment and recovered quickly due to the kindness, gentle, warming, and attentive hands of Dr.Ramirez and her Staff. Thank you. I look forward to our future appointments.

~ Blancaa A. of Chino, CA

My daughter loved her experience here. The decor helped ease the wait. She was very cooperative and had a friendly doc. Great job with the kid friendly environment and friendly dentists. She will definitely be coming back for regular routine checkups. 🙂

~ Andrea C. of Artesia, CA

If I could give this place 10 stars I would! They are fairly new located in the Whittwood mall right by Flame Broiler.   My daughter is 4 years old so it was time to find her a dentist. She is very scared of new things and especially doctor’s. I knew I had to find a place that was kid friendly. Searching my handy dandy Yelp app I came across this place. I knew it was there but didn’t know what it was like. 5 stars across the board on all their reviews and the cutest decor, I was sold!

I called to make my appointment and the girl was soo nice and helpful.  I was already happy. My appointment wasn’t for like 2 weeks out and I tried to reschedule a couple days before to a later time but they were booked. I see that as they have a lot of customers because people like it here. I just hope if I ever need to get in here for an emergency I can.

We were right on time to my daughters appointment and we sat down for about five minutes.  Right when you walk in every wall is painted safari, they have tv’s around the room with cartoons playing, they have a couple areas where you can play videos games on I believe a PlayStation. Once we got called back the lady I believe was named Kelly the nurse was helping us. In the back is more safari walls, animal heads coming out of the ceiling,  and tv’s.  She had so much energy and made my daughter feel so comfortable.  She explained every step she was going to do and made it all fun for her. The doctor came next and explained everything thoroughly to me and my princess.  

We were in and out so fast. I left super happy with her first dental experience and most importantly so did my daughter!  Just posting these pictures of the inside so many people have already asked about where this is.

~ Melissa L. of Whittier, CA

Definitely an amazing dental office. Everything about this place is perfected so that the kids don’t face a traumatic experience. After taking my son here today I can’t believe that a dental office like this actually exists! Would definitely come again!

~ Emily C. of Paramount, CA

My daughter is 21 months old, and I was VERY nervous about her first dental experience. That all changed the moment I walked through the door! The office staff is extremely friendly and very kind. I would recommend this pediatric dentist to ANY friends and family. Also, the office is decorated perfectly for little ones – a safari theme, I think. Anyway, it was GREAT! Thanks for the great service.

~ Ginger Peach J. of Whittier, CA

After a week of internet research Kid Smiles had the best reviews so I made an appointment for my daughter.  This was my daughters first time at the dentist so I was really nervous, but from the moment we walked in till we left we had the greatest experience.  My daughter loved all the animals on the walls and the games they had in the lobby to play while we waited.  The entire staff is very sweet and made my daughter feel at ease.  Absolutely love this place and we have definitely found my daughters dentist.

~ Jamie D. of Whittier, CA

Love love this dentist. Sat appointments!staff friendly, office clean beautiful very very kid friendly – the doctor was great! Definitely will be back.

~ Veronica C. of Whittier, CA

This place is amazing recommend this place to any parent makes  your child feel welcome….you get great service from the moment you walk in the door I work at a dental office for about 5 years never seen such an amazing place…

~ Trini J. of Downey, CA

If you are a parent with a special needs child, this is the place for you!  I have a son with ASD and he has extreme oral issues and the only other time he has been to the dentist he had to have complete anesthesia so needless to say I was nervous.   But the facility here is soooo inviting to kids, ipads etc. on the walls, the staff is extra friendly and Dr. Ramirez was so great with my son.  She took her time, got him comfortable in the chair and with her instruments and was able to give him an exam.  Then, miracle, the hygienist was so great with him he let her clean all of his teeth even using the gritty polish.   I would have been happy if she was able to get the front teeth done but nope, the whole mouth!!   They are super kind, they understand special needs and they were willing to spend as much time as it took to get the job done.    Trust me, take your kids here.   Even if you have typical children, take them here.   Can’t say enough.   If I could give them more stars I would.   Thank you to all who help my son have a very successful visit 🙂

~ Joy A. of Whittier, CA

I searched high and low for a pediatric dentist for years in Whittier.  Having nor found one through recommendations or yelp I was driving to Torrance for care of my kids teeth.  I was tired of the drive to Torrance though only twice a year it was still a hassle to have hem see a dentist there.  I gave another look at Yelp and found KidsSmiles, what luck.  As I walked in, I was pleasantly surprised by the  decor    The rain Forrest themed walls with animals playing peeking from the.   It was a nice touch to distract the kids as they lay for their check-ups.  The entire staff was polite, pleasant and professional.  Dr. Ramirez had good bed side manners and connect with my child immediately.  She also speaks Spanish which was nice as we are trying to teach our daughter Spanish.

~ Evert O. of Whittier, CA

The best pediatric dentist I’ve ever experienced! The whole process was amazing. More importantly my 4 year old loved it. We went about a month ago and she is still talking about it. Whenever she uses her toothbrush she says, “Thank you Mommy for taking me to the dentist. Can we go tomorrow?” What child says that?! I’ll tell you…. One that had an awesome experience. Thank you so so so much kid smiles for making daughter love the dentist.

~ Melissa C. of Whittier, CA

My Child is on the spectrum.  She is fearful of many things and didn’t like our previous “Pediatric Dentist“.  We watched as they began working on the facility during our daily walks.  I discussed with her every new thing that was being built and installed.  The day came to make the appointment and I wondered how she would handle this dentist.  To my pleasure she loved the monkey’s.  The staff showed her around, and she found “the treasure box” which children can look through after their appointments.  She didn’t find a doll baby bottle that she wanted, but she did find an equally great toy. Appointment day included an Anesthesiologist.  He was kind and helped her in the chair while putting her under.  All the repairs were done as outlined.   Emily loves her dentist and we visit often just to stop and see the balloons on our daily walk.  Dr. Ramirez is incredible and caring.  She has the magic, and Emily loves being her assistant.

Do not hesitate to use this Dentist.  Her trust is well deserved.

~ Rachel K. of Whittier, CA